China adoption timelines

Beginning to chronicle our new China adoption (scroll on down for our first adoption timeline) -
here we go again!

October 2014:

Receive the file for our little boy! Ready or not, we write our letter of intent to adopt him.

November 2014:

11/6: Letter of Intent to adopt a little boy from China submitted to adoption agency.
11/30: PA, preliminary approval to adopt received.

December 2014:

12/26: First home study visit (starting over from scratch due to switching agencies)

January 2015:

1/7: Second home study visit

February 2015:

2/6: Home study approved by agency - mailing copies to us! Finally!
2/10: Mail I800a to USCIS (this approves us to adopt from a convention country)
2/13: Receipt date with USCIS
2/23: Receive appointment date to be fingerprinted

March 2015:

3/9: Fingerprint appointment with USCIS

{This is our timeline for Stella's China adoption: (keep in mind that we were very far along in the paper chasing process, due to our first referral, so most of our steps went super quick this time!}

January 2014:

1/13 - 1/15: We received her file and submitted LOI (letter of intent to adopt her).
1/17: Received PA (preliminary approval from China).
1/21: Received LOA (letter of acceptance from China), hard copy came a week later then got stuck in         the AL winter snow/ice storm (all you can do is be patient and smile at these hiccups!). We finally received our copy on 2/1.

February 2014:

2/3:   I800 receipt date.
2/14: I800 approval date.
2/20: NVC GUZ # and Inv. ID received.
2/21: NVC PDF received (this is what we need for our Article 5 drop off at the US Consulate)
2/25: Article 5 drop off

March 2014:

3/11: TA (travel approval) received! We can go to China for Stella!
3/25: Stella turns two years old
3/28: Begin our journey to China
3/31: Gotcha Day for Stella Claire

April 2014:
4/1:  Forever Family Day - official adoption day
4/9:  Consulate Appointment (CA) in Guangzhou, China
4/11: Begin our journey home to USA
4/12: HOME with Stella Claire!

God showed us over and over during our adoption process to trust Him.  From the finances to the child that was meant for our family - just trust and have faith.  

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