Thursday, July 10, 2014

Taking love to China

Back to China! China became a special place when we went to bring home Stella and because she is a part of our family now, it will always hold a special place with us.  The stories and moments we experience there are still told - even the crazy times! Now someone is going back! Melissa, my oldest daughter, China travel companion and now a high school graduate, wants to head back to China to work with special needs orphans.  Her plans should take her back this Fall for a few months.

See this picture? This is Melissa holding a precious baby girl during our orphanage visit.  I'm pretty sure it's what cemented in her God's calling for her to return.  Before we even left she felt sure that mission work was where she was being led.  Now she's sure.  Volunteering at a special needs foster home and working with orphans - that's where she'll go first.  Working with the least of these.... the fatherless... giving hope.... offering love.... So proud of my daughter for giving a voice to those who can not speak for themselves.

 Melissa worked to help design a special t shirt to help raise funds for her trip (she's also working this Summer and that will go toward her trip too).  I'm sharing it here today because this is such a cool shirt! Raising enough for her plane ticket would be wonderful, but any and all funds raised will go toward her time in China and buying supplies to bring with her to take to the children.

"Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders"..... Ya'll.... this speaks to all of us so well! Especially those of us who have adopted a child.  If you feel led to support Melissa, or just want a cool t shirt - click this link (or click on the picture above) and it will take you to the page to order one.  She thanks you, we thank you! Bonfire funds ships the shirts out directly to you about 2 weeks after the fund closes (in just 11 days!) and the shirts are 100% cotton - and super comfy.

And you can say you have a tshirt from Stella! She fully supports her JieJie "Big Sister" - but she's going to miss her so much! Me too...


  1. Love the shirt so much! I especially love the placement of the heart which is over the province where our son is from. I'm so glad the purchase of it is helping send Melissa to China! I'm so glad to connect with shirt 'family'! Good luck to Melissa as she prepares to travel to China. Two young ladies from our church have spent the summer volunteering at New Day!

  2. LOVE this shirt!! I wanted to get one and missed ordering one. Is there any chance that this will be re-launched?? I would love to get one and help support your family. I have followed New Day for quite a while and have always had my heart on Stella. She is such a cutie! We adopted and brought home a boy about the same time you brought Stella home. Thanks!!

    1. Hi Jenn! Congratulations on your new son! That's so neat that you were in China the same time as us. The tshirt is actually being relaunched today! You're in luck! Here's the link: All proceeds will now go to New Day kids or those at Angel Home!!

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  4. I recently met Melissa at New Day. She is amazing and you should be super proud of her! Love the T shirt! Perhaps she can design some items for New Day Creations?! Love her modern flare for Christianity!!


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