Thursday, August 13, 2015


As I write this, we are somewhere off the coast of Alaska, traveling at 510mph and nearly 34,000ft above the earth. Heading back to China. To bring a precious child, our Levi, home. Traveling far away from home isn't easy for me - I'm a self declared home body - I like it there. It's comfy and stable. But God called us out to be adoptive parents and that means we go where He leads us and so we go to China. The more I let go and just trust God to lead, I find myself living a life I could never have imagined. It's an amazing thing to watch God work!

I keep thinking about how Levi didn't ask to be an orphan, and he's not asking to be taken away from everything he's known to join people he doesn't know - yet. The life of an orphan is unstable, unpredictable, precarious, and sometimes life threatening. We felt this in an extreme way when we were in the process to adopt our Emme Rose and when we thought Levi might be taken back to his orphanage. Decisions are made for them by people who don't have their best interests at heart.  Fortunately, there were some very special people that fought to keep Levi where he is now and we know that God answered our prayers. He is doing a mighty work in Levi's life - and we want him to know about it one day.  

We also want him to know that these past nine and a half months we worked on paperwork, that he was prayed for, wanted, and we did all we could to bring him home. God provided for our adoption expenses again - of course - He always come through when we trust in Him and usually just in the knick of time! I know the next few days of this journey could be hard. I'm praying for this every time I stop to pray. I'm prepared to be rejected, pushed away, the one who he's mad at, the one he doesn't want. I'm also prepared to be the one who will pour out love, patience, understanding, and a good dose of mama silliness! I'm praying for instant bonding- but I know too well from our experience with Stella, that it could be more like running a marathon. I may have to work hard to win over a broken heart. I may have to pray day and night for him to accept my love. He is totally worth it all. 

Much like the Father waits, calls us back to Him - just wanting to love us - we will keep pursuing Levi's heart. Praying he will let go and trust us. 

"Let go my soul and trust in Him. The waves and wind still know His name. It is well...with my soul". 

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  1. Praying for your Gotcha Day. Can't wait to see pictures! First day of the rest of your lives!


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