Thursday, June 19, 2014


Time... There is never enough of it in a day and yet it goes by way too fast. It takes time to trust. Time to heal.  Time brings happiness. Time makes children grow. 

In two months time we've watched a little girl from a small town in China, leave everything she's ever known and open her heart to a family she can call her own. Mine. Mine. Mine. She is two after all! 

This sweetie came to us timid yet silly. She pushes the limits all the time to make sure someone is still in control. She now cuddles. She sings! It hasn't been easy and there's a long way to go but time will fix that. 

Bringing home Stella Claire has brought a whole new meaning to parenting children. Adoption is not natural. There's so much loss and learning what a family is all about. What a Mama is about. Imagine not knowing what a mother is? But as we work to graft this little one into our family, we praise God for all he's done to heal her heart. We will keep working, with time on our side. Helping her to grow...watching her sing.  For it's a happy child that sings!

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