Friday, March 28, 2014

From East to West

In writing this from 35,000 ft on a Korean Airlines 777. We've been in the air for almost 14 hours now and with 40 min left until we touch down in Seoul/Incheon. Melissa (my oldest daughter) and I left early Thursday morning to begin our trip to bring Stella Claire home. One more flight and we will land in Beijing. I think the hardest part of traveling is just sitting for so long and doing nothing. It is looooonnng.  There's really nothing to compare it to. We've watched countless movies (the airline has many newer movies to watch), watched our flight on the flight tracker screen travel across the top of the world, and had plenty of snacks and meals. They come around every hour or so with drinks, snacks, warm towels and there were two meals. 

The airline really is very nice and the flight attendants are all so pretty dressed up in their uniforms. 

Here's a few pictures from this morning when we were all awake and cheery looking. Now, everyone, including us, looks like they just rolled out of bed with severe bed head! :) 

All packed and ready to go get our girl!

Ready for our long flight - 15 hours from DFW to Seoul. I am so blessed to have my sweet girl on this trip with me. I am excited to see what God is going to do on this trip and beyond excited to meet Stella soon. 

A fun, lighter part of our trip this morning was seeing Dennis Quaid on our first flight. Celebrity sighting! He was sitting three rows behind us. Too bad we couldn't watch the Parent Trap on the plane! 

Oh my goodness! We just flew across the world! 

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