Thursday, February 27, 2014

Part 3 - Choosing to love

(Here's Part 1 and Part 2!)

We were well on our way to being parents again as our paperwork made it's way through the various stages.  Being matched with our Emme Rose in May kept us busy as we prepared for her.  Her story is part of this story - it's impossible to keep her out of it.  We loved on her from across an ocean for months until she was taken home.  She held us while God did his work on our family, changing us from the inside out, keeping us in his perfect timing.  What a beautiful gift she was.

December 2013 - it's not that long ago, so we can look back quickly to see all that happened.  We were in limbo, waiting...waiting...more waiting. Distractions were our best plan to keep busy.  There were movies and playdates.  And some shopping (ahem)... Christmas was almost here and we couldn't wait until the foster home posted pictures of their Christmas party.  New Day is such a special place.  Our sponsor child would again be receiving a present from us and everyone had fun picking out something to send to her.  This time, as she was a little older, we decided on some dress up fun! It wasn't long before we had pictures to look at showing her opening the present and trying it on.  So precious. So very precious.  I love how her foster grandma cares for her and obviously loves her very much.

Time to unwrap! That's our shoe box on top! eek! So exciting!

I think she likes the candy canes we sent too! So cute!
(Part 4 - the final part - tomorrow)

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